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House fly control in the barn:

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs’ (OMAFRA) book, “House Fly Control in Poultry Barns,” describes integrated pest management practices and provides information on different control methods for effective house fly control. The book is a great resource that can help you tailor fly control strategies to match your unique farming situation.

Visit ontario.ca/cca2 to download a PDF version of the book. You can also order free copies from ServiceOntario at ontario.ca/publications or 1-800-668-9938.

Notice to all Producers:

It has been brought to our attention that pullets may be subject to injury from damaged dollies when being moved.  It is imperative that if you see any dollies that are faulty to first report it to the driver, then notify your customer to let them know what faulty equipment you observed. It is the responsibility of the hatching egg producer to contact the moving company to complain about faulty equipment.

Through this we hopefully can have faulty equipment removed from service quickly and thus eliminate injuries to the pullets during transportation

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